The German Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0

The Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0 - Edition 4: a blueprint to shape the digital ecosystem


Over the past years, Industrie 4.0 has developed from a buzzword to a completely new stage of production as well as the organization and control of the entire value chain. In technological terms, Industrie 4.0 means a fusion of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology).
This leads to a significant overlap of previously separate areas of standardization. Issues, requirements and working methods that were previously relevant now also affect the mechanical engineering and electrical engineering industries to an even greater extent.

Now it is time to think Industrie 4.0 further: What will a global digital value creation system look like? How can we identify and implement the right normative framework for this?


We are convinced harmonized and international standards are an enabler for digitized global value chains. Join and learn how we think to reduce complexity and provide recommendations for uniform I4.0 descriptions, specifications and standards.


Coverbild der Deutschen Normungsroadmap Industrie 4.0-Version 4

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Sino-German Cooperation

Good results strengthen the partnership:


The results of the Sino-German sub-working groups Industrie 4.0 show the progress in the bilateral partnership.


With the reports on the harmonization of the reference architecture models RAMI and IMSA, the IT Security Standards Whitepaper and the Roadmap Predictive Maintenance, the SCI 4.o together with the BMWi presents documents that are central to cooperation in international standardization. No less important for the joint activities is the beginning of a mapping of relevant Industrie 4.0 norms and standards of both countries in order to be able to display a complete mapping of the respective standards landscape. The cooperation in 2018 also addressed key elements of international standardization such as the structure of the administrative shell, artificial intelligence and maturity models.

The Standardisation Roadmap of Predictive Maintenance for Sino-German Industrie 4.0

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Security Standards White Paper for Sino-German Industrie 4.0

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Alignment Report RAMI/IMSA

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Use Case "Equipment Lifecycle Management"

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Guidance "Use Cases and Applications"

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German-Japanese Cooperation

Publication Discussion Paper: Usage View of the Asset Administration Shell:


The results paper of the German-Japanese cooperation in Industrie 4.0 Standardization & Use Cases explains the concept, applications and advantages of the asset administration shell.


However, a comprehensive view from the application perspective is still missing. This is necessary, however, so that a broad community can better understand the goals of this concept in order to benefit from its use.


The presented elaboration is an important step to develop a common view on a core concept of Industrie 4.0 and to derive requirements for the necessary standardization.

Usage View of Asset

Administration Shell

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Trilateral Cooperation FR-IT-GER

In the working group "Standardization" chaired by Germany, the basic structure of the management shell for Industrie 4.0 was described and the first preferred standards were summarized in a 65-page document. With this work result, the technical-organizational framework conditions can now be developed Europe-wide in order to implement the multitude of necessary Industrie 4.0 sub-models in a coordinated manner.

Structure of the Administration Shell

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The Asset Administrative Shell

Security der Verwaltungsschale

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Die Verwaltungsschale im Detail

von der Idee zum implementierbaren Konzept

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Relationships between I4.0 Components - Composite Components and Smart Production

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